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Application form

Please apply for the property filling our expression of interest form (EOIF):

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Contact us

Due to the nature of lettings we recommend you email your details rather than call as we can respond quicker to emails.

If you are calling, please call the number from our own website and if a property manager is not available you will be asked to leave your name and number and we will call you back, this may take up to 24 hours.

Credit check

Extra Mile Property Solutions do a credit check and reference all prospective tenant(s). We do not charge tenant(s) to offer them a tenancy.

Move-in date

Please do not apply if you cannot move in/start a tenancy within 6 weeks of the tenancy availability date.

Extra Mile Property Solutions

New let overview (contactless)


Find a property, express your interest & arrange a ‘viewing’

When you enquire about a property that we are advertising, you will be asked to complete our expression of interest form.

Personal data provided to us at any point will be collected, processed and stored as set out in our privacy policy:
The expression of interest form tells us a bit about who would live at the property, who will sign the lease and their income so that we can provide an initial assessment of whether you will meet our suitability criteria. This is not a guarantee that you will meet that criteria and all applicants (and any guarantors) will have to undergo and pass our checks (ID, affordability, credit and reference) before any tenancy will be offered. If you do not meet the suitability criteria, we will advise you of this.

In the form you will also be asked about your viewing requirements:
If you are happy to proceed based on the photos and or video that you have seen, we can arrange a call to answer any questions that you may have on the property or the application process.
Alternatively, you may request a live virtual viewing with one of our team at the property to show you around and answer questions.
If you wish to have an in-person viewing, this can be arranged and all participants must follow our COVID-19 safety protocols, in line with official Coronavirus guidance, including Scottish Government guidance on moving home:

Per this guidance, we encourage prospective tenants only to request an in-person viewing where you are seriously considering renting the property (i.e. the viewing will be the deciding factor).

Any in-person viewings will be by appointment only and strictly limited to:
• those who we believe are serious about renting the property and who we think might pass our credit and reference checks.

• those who will be residing at the property and their guarantors (if applicable).

• one household. If those who will rent the property come from more than one household then each household would have to view separately.

We ask you to consider limiting attendees as far as possible, for example by nominating one person to view on behalf of all.

Ahead of and at the in-person viewing, you will be provided with details of how the viewing will be conducted including hygiene and distancing measures. You must not attend an in- person viewing under Scottish Government guidance you are required to self isolate or to quarantine.



If you would like to rent one of our properties you must complete our application process and pay rent in advance and tenancy deposit.
When you tell us that you wish to submit an application we will:

• Send you a blank copy of our Private Residential Tenancy Agreement and accompanying Scottish Government Easy Read Notes for the Model Private Residential Tenancy Agreement to allow you to review the terms and seek any advice that you may need.

• Ask you to confirm that the information in the expression of interest form is correct and up to date. If anything has changed you will need to complete a new form AND provide a note of any change(s) in your covering email. We will review the changes and advise whether will proceed with your application.

• Make payment of the tenancy deposit to our client account (all client monies are held in our client account, separate to business funds, and protected by our client money protection scheme). We will not process your application until payment is received. The rent in advance is paid once and if the application is complete and accepted. If the tenancy doesn’t proceed for any reason the payments made are refunded. No banking charges will be refunded. Refunds will be made within 10 working days of receiving bank account details.
The rent and deposit amounts will vary by property and will be clearly communicated when you advise that you wish to apply. The deposit will be no more than the equivalent of 2 months’ rent. During a tenancy, rent is payable monthly in advance by no later than the 1st of each month (e.g. July rent is due by 1 July). In most cases, if your tenancy will start after the 1st of the month and by the 24th of the month, you will be required to pay the first month’s rent pro rata before the start of the tenancy. If your tenancy will start after the 24th of the month (and before the 1st of the following month) you will be required to pay the first month’s rent pro rata plus the following month’s rent in full. In some cases, due to your income and our affordability criteria, you may be required to pay up to 6 months rent in advance – you will be informed if this is the case.

Once we have confirmation of no changes to your expression of interest form (or accepted your amended form) and deposit payment we will initiate our pre tenancy checks. All tenants and any guarantors must provide proof of identification and undergo and pass our affordability, credit and reference checks (and provide documentation to support this) before any tenancy will be offered.

No tenancy will be signed until the application process is complete and tenancy start date cannot be confirmed (only provisional) until this is done and until we have arranged any pre tenancy works. The timing of this will depend on various factors such as:

• You (any guarantors) and your referees supplying required information.

• Availability of contractors to carry out any essential works (which could be delayed if contractors are required to self-isolate)

• Staggered entry to the property to reduce the risk of spread of COVID-19.

• We will give you a best estimate on timing but this will be an estimate and subject to change. We will not be liable for any costs incurred for arrangements that you make based on a provisional tenancy start date.

If you wish to make any requests (e.g. for items to be added or removed from the property), these requests must be submitted in writing (even if you have asked verbally) before your application is progressed. Any agreed changes will be confirmed in writing. If you do not have written confirmation from us then the request is not agreed.


Tenancy documentation & check in appointment

Once the required checks and advance payments (rent and deposit) are complete we will confirm the tenancy start date, send the tenancy agreement for signing (this will be done electronically) and book a check in appointment.

The check in appointment is where we will allow you access and provide keys. Ahead of attending, you will be given details of how this appointment will be conducted, including social distancing and hygiene measures.

You will also be provided with electronic copies of current safety checks and EPC, our communications procedure and contact details (e.g. for maintenance, emergency, etc.) and our pre-tenancy inspection report. This report will note any maintenance or repairs that we have identified during our inspection and whether these will be completed before or after the tenancy start date.

Extra Mile Property Solutions

Viewings Protocol

All viewers must read and follow Scottish Government guidance on moving home:

Do not attend a viewing if you or any close contact currently have or have had, in the last 14 days, COVID symptoms (persistent cough and or high temperature and or loss or change to sense of taste of smell). Please, stay at home.

Before you arrive

Don’t forget to bring a face covering and (charged) mobile phone. No entry without a face covering.
For some properties, in order to maintain social distancing and so we can hear one another, we may need to communicate with you by phone.
We will clean surfaces and open windows and doors.

On arrival

If the property is a main door, please wait outside, at a distance of at least 2m from the door. Our team member will tell you when you can enter. Where there is an entry system you should press the buzzer for entry. Only those listed on the viewing booking confirmation will be granted access. Do not bring additional people to the appointment.

At all times

Maintain a distance of 2m from our team member. Stop and wait where necessary.
Practice cough hygiene.
Avoid touching surfaces and your face.

Before entering the building, we will

Ask you to answer COVID health and safety questions.
Ask you to put on your face covering. No entry without a face covering.
Explain how the viewing will be conducted: where we will stand so that you can enter and view the property and how we will communicate with you during the viewing so that a distance of 2m can be maintained.

Before entering the property

All viewers (and staff) must sanitise their hands. A sanitising station will be set up for you to use. You can use your own sanitiser if you prefer – it should be a minimum of 70% alcohol.

During the viewing

Maintain a distance of 2m from our team member at all times. We will wait at or near the entrance.

Do not touch surfaces or your face.
Questions will be answered from a safe distance or by phone (while you are in the property).
Alternatively, we are happy to answer questions after you have left, either by email or by call.

After the viewing

If you have questions or wish to apply for the property, please Contact Us.

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Extra Mile Property Solutions

Property Description Notes

Unfurnished properties

For our unfurnished properties, furniture and furnishings (such as bedding towels, kitchenware) are not provided. Floor coverings are provided.In some cases some white goods may be provided and where this is the case these are listed in the property description.

Part furnished properties

Our part furnished properties come with, as a minimum, what we consider to be the essential furniture required to live in the property.

This will include furniture for sleeping and sitting and appliances for cooking, food storage and washing of laundry. Bedding, towels, small electrical items, kitchenware are not usually provided.

Per person per week

Where a per person per week (PPPW) figure appears this has been added without our permission by the marketing channel, and it is likely to be incorrect and must be ignored.

Extra Mile Property Solutions

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